Membership Benefits of the MBA

Leaders in the manufacturing sector undoubtedly contend with demanding schedules, yet there’s a critical aspect deserving their attention: active involvement in a manufacturing networks. While there are numerous benefits to joining the MBA, there are a few stand-out reasons your manufacturing/production/printing company should join.

Workforce Retention:

The MBA facilitates connections with area high schools and helps coordinate manufacturing tours, career panels and speaking opportunities to connect with tomorrow’s local workforce. We provide banners for schools highlighting the benefits of careers in manufacturing and your business. Membership Benefits

Networking Opportunities:

MBA serves as platforms for like-minded professionals to connect, share ideas, and establish relationships that might otherwise be challenging to cultivate. These connections extend beyond professional boundaries and can foster social bonds among business leaders.


MBA empowers members to collectively address pressing concerns related to manufacturing, and we prioritize advocating for manufacturing-related issues, which are crucial to their members. Collectively, our voice is stronger.

Exposure for your Business:

Membership can help boost your business’s visibility. Through the MBA website and marketing initiatives, you will gain added exposure. Additionally, MBA members often support one another by providing referrals for various services, further enriching the network’s value. Depending on the level of membership you join, you have the opportunity to develop a professional company video that is highlighted on this website and have banners hanging in schools. Consider joining now to take advantage of these benefits.